10 Must Have Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Everyone knows current android manufacturers restricts the full usage of your phone hardware and software. It feels quite uncomfortable when you have to upgrade your current mobile phone just because you are not having the latest android update that other is downloading. This all the problem can be solved by rooting your lovely android phone. Rooting your android smartphone will not only give you freedom to use some kind of advanced apps in your mobile phone but it will also give you an open sky to fly with your own customization in android OS. After rooting your phone you can experiment with your phone from beginner to advanced level and there is no boundary what can you do and what you not.

By couple of simple Google searches on how to root your phone, will guide you through the process. It's not that much hard, but you need to be careful doing it as it may harm your phone and may your phone become brick.

Now, you have rooted android phone and thinking which are the apps that i must try to use my superuser permissions and what actually superuser can do for you. Have a look top 10 android apps for rooted device listed below.

10 Best Android Apps for Rooted Phones

1. Root Explorer

It is a file explorer that has access to the protected android file system which is not possible by regular file explorers. This Root Explorer is highly useful for advanced system setting and android OS hacking purpose.
I'm sure, with few Google searches on "how to use Root explorer" will drag you in to love with this app.

2. Adfree Android

Google Play is full of quality software and games that are free. But, they makes money from advertisements and advertise in your device might make you uncomfortable using that particular app. Adfree android is the solution and you will have complete control over advertisement inside your android phone.

3. Screenshot Premium

iOS and some high end android device supports continuous photo shot from the camera, while some of low end devices will be able to do the same by using above application. The only requirement is, you must have a a rooted android phone.

4. JuiceDefender

JuiceDefender is the best app to maximize your battery life by saving unwanted power consumption by force stopping processes. This app runs fine in non-rooted devices, but in rooted devices it's able to work with some advanced features. With the proper root access, this app will probably save 30% to 50% of your battery life.

5. SD Speed Increase

SD Speed increase is able to change the setting in the system files and it will increase cache size on a memory card. This app is not supports in every device, but it works  great in some supported devices. So, have a try and let us know in the comments below.

6.Titanium Backup

If you have rooted phone, then it's the most useful application. This app is able to backup apps, remove bloatwares. Full version is not that much costly and you can afford it with it's high functionality. It's able to backup almost everything from your android mobile phone and gives you wings to switch your phones as you have backup with you.

7. Battery Calibration

Many time, when you install a new ROM or upgrade your current one, battery meter becomes inaccurate. This app will create new battery status files and you will be able to see the correct battery status. overall useful android app for those who changes their ROM frequently.

8. Boot Manager

Boot Manager is very advanced app. It lets you to store multiple custom ROMs in one device. You can have up to five ROMs in your mobile phone. By just rebooting your phone, you can switch between them and enjoy new interface on the go.

9. Super User

When you root your device, Super User will appear in most of the cases. If not, you need to download it from Google Play to take control over the apps whether to provide root permission or not.

10. CPU Tuner

There are many CPU overclock apps available in the Market. The most used app for this purpose is SetCPU. But, if some one is finding alternative then CPU Tuner is the best choice. But, it's my advice you to be careful while overclocking your CPU, it might damage your phones hardware permanently.

Please comment below if you know any other must have applications for android, Specially to take advantage of Root access.


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