Download Best Android Games for Micromax Canvas 4 A210

Download Best Android Games for Micromax Canvas 4 A210.
Micromax canvas 4 is recently launched in India, which the upgraded clone of the Micromax canvas 3 HD. Now, you are looking for the best android games to play in your Micromax canvas 4. So, it's obvious that you have one. Now, let me introduce the inner body ( specifications ) of the Micromax canvas 4. It has 1.2 GHz quad core ultra fast processor that helps that bad boy to calculate faster. 1 GB DDR3 Ram to support your multitasking needs. 16 GB internal memory that saves all your media and app needs. Now, this all the gorgeous mobile specs are of no use if you don't fully use them. You have a big screen phone, which is speedy with the high storage capacity. 
So, there is no one in the world who don't want to play games on that big smart phone. Simple arcade games are not worth installing inside your Micromax canvas 4 phone. so, you need some super cool games which is worth your money and specs of your Micromax canvas 4.

Here, I'm sharing 5 best 3D and high graphics games for Micromax canvas 4.

5 Best games to download in your Micromax canvas 4


nfs 2012
The mere name of this game sends a shiver down the spine of any hardcore gamer. This game is one of the best games available on play store. with its uber coooool graphics and utter smooth controls, this stands ahead of its competitors in racing games like asphalt  7 and gt racing, nfs shift and so on.
nfs gameplay
The story of the game goes like this: race , win , climb the blacklists to be the most wanted. you startv bas a beginner in the city of little haven. you have to win races in different cities and in the end race with the boss and take over his blacklist rank. unlike nfs most wanted 2012 pc you have to buy your own cars and free roam isn't available too. But expecting free roam isn't fair right? yet this game beats every other racing game on android platform due to its stunning graphics, smooth controls and vivid cars.
Download it at: Google Play Store


Gandster rio
This game was a mighty one unless grand theft auto vice city banged in. Although according to us, gta vice city made no harm to this kid due to two factors: 1. the story: based on an amazing new revenge story, this game won our hearts 2. Talking about hardcore gamers, they have already completed vice city on pc so they find it quite boring.
gangster rio gameplay
You are a contract killer in the beginning and you decide to leave the business. when in a car discussing this with your girlfriend, the car is blasted and your girl dies. you are saved by another girl , you go through a plastic surgery and this is where the real thing starts. a super entertaining game with awesome sound effects, 
beautiful graphics and even better language.
Download it here: Google Play Store


mordern combat
Another hit by gameloft. It wouldn't be wrong if this is called the call of duty for android. Simply an amazing game with stunning graphics and an awesome story line. If you play this game with headphones on you are gonna have a good time. a highly addictive game. although we finished the game in around 4 hours, it may take u less time to complete it if you are good at fps handling on touchscreen. 
Download it here: Google Play Store

4. FIFA 2012

Except of some user compatibility issue of working with only high end devices, we found this game a perfect sports game. Awesome graphics, liquid smooth controls, sharp pictures and much more. this game is truly made for all you football fans out there. go get it.
Download it at: Google Play store


Released on the 10th aniversary of rockstar games, the name itself depicts the awesomeness of the game. This is the game that even dumbos would know and even the greatest of gamers would have played on pc. here is your chance to live the life of the famous gangsta tommy . we completed the game here at our workplace in some 38 hours and as always we were hindered by that rc helicopter mission.  but the gameplay, graphics and everything wouldnt let you think for a moment that you are playin it on your handheld device. 
Download it at: Google Play Store

Comment below your favorite games that you have downloaded and playing like crazy in your Micromax canvas 4 ...!


  1. Cool, you have pointed me to the best 3d and high graphics games for micromax canvas 4.
    Micromax canvas 4 is really capable phone to run all the above games really smoothly and if we don't play this gorgeous games in micromax canvas4, it would be like an insult of the phone. Thanks for the all 5 micromax canvas 4 games.

  2. Modern Combat 4 Not working on MMX Canvas 4 :(

  3. Hi i tried to play modern combat 4 on my a 210 but its not running... Did u played on ur canvas 4...i downloaded this game from extratorrent... Should I buy this game

  4. Why you want to download game, when it's available for free on the internet?
    Root your device cloak it, and forcefully install it in SD card.
    It's going to help surely.

  5. Hi nikhil.. My device is rooted. And i don't know about cloaking.. Plzz brief

  6. I am still waiting for your reply

  7. Please Don't overclock your device, otherwise it will be fried up.
    Use this application for overclocking your cpu,

    Use it on your own risk, please..

  8. hi nicks...i tried to contact u on hangout but u were unavailable....well guess what..after 3 months of R&D i have found a solution for games not working on canvas 4 3,mc4,mc4 meltdown..i have seen gaming freaks posting there problems about the games...well here is the solution...above games will not work on CUSTOM ROM!!! need to flash a modded rom ..i just tried now and its workinf like butter..well i'll surely post a video how to do it ...happy gaming guyz

    1. hii Abhay i want to ask u that I Saw gaming reviews of canvas 4 on youtube
      and there i found that the hd games like ASPHALT 8 ,D-DAY, NOVA 3 AND ETC. ARE NOT WORKING as good as u mention ,is it happens B'COZ they tried to play in custom ROM and you all ready mention to put memory card in it to play like buttery smooth .IS IT CORRECT.PLZ REPLY SOON AS I HAVE ALREADY ORDER THIS PHONE ...AND THINKING TO CANCEL MY ORDER PLZ SUGGEST ME WHAT TO DO...AND sorry for writing in excess but you know how it is tough for someone to buy his 1st smartphone....thanx

    2. even tell me how to do...i want to play Hd reply n help

  9. Hi aabhay sir can u give me the link of that nodded rom